Thursday, January 24, 2013

B.E.A.R. Fitness is Taking a Brief Intermission

Hey Cubs!

Thank you so much for all of your support, and getting the word out.  It really means alot!
Unfortunately, I have some bad news...

B.E.A.R. Fitness has to take a little break.  I have my own personal goals that I need to work out before I can successfuly help you guys!  There will be major changes...hopefully.

I am busy trying to get signed with a Modeling Agency and trying to work 3 jobs.  On top of that, I need to get my fitness and nutrition lifestyles back in order.  But don't worry, goals and due dates are set.  Time to get life back in order!

So, when B.E.A.R. Fitness comes back, we are hoping we can get an actual website together.  Not just a small blog site.  When we come back, one of the big things will be a new FREE workout program for guys looking to lose weight and put on muscle.  The workout can be modified to fit girl's needs as well.  So, stay posted.

While B.E.A.R. Fitness is taking a break, this will be a great opportunity to ASK ME QUESTIONS!! We need ideas for videos and your questions will be greatly appreciated.

I'll do another article on all my personal goals and plans, but for now, expect us to be up and running by APRIL 5TH!
We'll see you soon!

Braydon Barrett

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